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Tiny Seeds Bring Tremendous Impact

Summer Camp 2023
Summer Camp 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey we've shared at Pine Lake Fellowship Camp in 2023! It has been a year of growth, transformation, and nurturing of faith for campers and guests. Just as a mustard seed starts small and grows into a mighty tree, a camper growing in Christ can do great things! 

Tiny Seeds Bring Tremendous Impact:

Mark” (not his real name) was unsure if he wanted to ride the zip line. It was out of his comfort zone, but he knew that taking a refreshing ride down the line would be a thrill, scary as it was.  As he geared up, he watched several campers calmly climb up the ladder and take off without hesitation, but Mark was nervous.  It came easy for those campers, but not for him.  As Mark’s turn drew closer, the facilitator encouraged him and gave directions all the way up to the top of the platform before “hooking in” to the 300’ zip line.  It looked even scarier from up there!  He had completed each step but was having trouble garnering the last bit of courage required to push off from the platform. Then, his cabinmates started to chant his name…”Mark! Mark! Mark!  You can do it Mark!”  With that, Mark launched from the platform and flew down the line! His cabinmates encouragement was the tiny seed that transformed Mark’s week with newfound confidence. His demeanor changed after that moment! Mark walked a little taller and became more engaged in each activity and with his cabinmates. These tiny seeds bring about tremendous impact!  The transformative love of Christ impacts each camper in many ways!

More Mustard Seed Moments:

  • Camper Parent: “My daughter loves camp and getting to grow in Christ with others. She shares her experience with others, and she wants to become a future leader at Pine Lake!”
  • Largest Summer Camp attendance! (Overnight Camp: 191 | Day Camp: 115 | Good News Fellowship: 68)
  • 94 campers made a first-time decisions or recommitments to follow Jesus Christ!
  • 24 summer staff experienced “mustard seed” moments while sharing the love of Christ!

Will You Consider a Year-End Donation?

The need/goal is $25,000 by December 31 to balance the budget going into 2024!

We invite you to consider a part in “planting mustard seeds” for the coming year.  A financial gift of support makes moments of tremendous growth possible. Thank you! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Matt Graybill
Executive Director



“What is getting in the way of your relationship with God?”

"What is getting in the way of your relationship with God?"

That was the question Emily and her cabin reflected on at the prompting of her counselor and the camp pastor. Emily, a smiley and busy teen has a past that includes family addiction struggles, an absent father, and other difficulties.   She waited for her cabinmates to finish sharing their answers before simply reflecting, "I've been really angry at God for some things that have happened in my life..."  Denial and distraction had helped her cope, but they left her with a deep, unresolved anger about the circumstances beyond her control.   In that moment, she took time to finally pause, pray, and identify what was standing in the way of her relationship with Christ. Praise the Lord that Emily felt secure with her counselor and cabinmates to see a barrier that needed to be moved out of the way!

So many campers made decisions to follow or recommit to walking with Christ this summer!  We had the most summer campers ever! From campers gaining confidence riding on the zip line for the first time to counselors teaching campers how to look up Bible verses, lives are changing at camp.

Summer 2023 Highlights:

  • Many stories like Emily's where God revealed things to campers, staff, and volunteers that helped them grow closer to Him!
  • 94 Decisions for Christ and a record attendance of 374 Campers!
  • $5,265 was awarded to each of 41 campers who requested financial aid. 


Remembering a Founding Board Member

It’s with a heavy heart to share about the passing of an Association Member, former board member, and volunteer, Glenn Myers. 

Glenn and his wife Emma have been a part of Pine Lake Fellowship Camp since its inception and are some of many folks responsible for establishing and carrying out the mission of Pine Lake Fellowship Camp. 

Glenn was involved in nearly every level of camp: administration, operations, and participation.  He served as a founding board member in addition to holding leadership positions at summer camp during the early years with his brother, Luke.  Most recently, he and Emma were participants and facilitators in a variety of retreats and events.  It was rare to not find them at Family Camp, Camp Sale, or 55+ Retreat.   Throughout each level of dedicated service, Glenn volunteered his talents and skills as a gifted teacher to share God’s word with campers, mentor leaders, and do happily do jobs like trim trails, rake pine straw, or shovel stones.      

One of many memories I recall is when Glenn and Emma brought their inflatable sailboat to camp so campers could experience the “wind in the sail.”  As Glenn and two campers paddled from the shore, he was teaching the campers about the mechanics of a sailboat.  There was a lot of waiting on the sporadic June breeze, but when the water would begin to ripple and the wind would catch the sail, each camper’s face would widen into a smile.  And Glenn’s would too.


Rev. Myers, 86, passed away Thursday, August 3, 2023, at his daughter’s home in Meridian, MS. He lived most of his life in Neshoba County, where he was a Teacher and a Pastor. He pastored Pearl River and Nanih Waiya Mennonite Churches for over 35 years. He was a member of Jubilee Mennonite Church, and he was also a chairman/board member of Pine Lake Fellowship Camp. His hobbies were gardening, hiking, walking, and singing.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Mary Myers; sister, Ruth Sewell; brothers, Homer and Luke Myers.

Survivors include his wife, Emma Myers; daughters, Milli Floyd (Marvin), Sheila Zehr (Darrell), Beth Myers; sisters, Rhoda Yoder, Karen Moats; brother, Marlin Myers; (9) grandchildren; (9) great- grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.

In lieu of flowers please send a donation to Pine Lake Fellowship Camp, 10371 Pine Lake Road, Meridian, MS 39307, or contribute online.

Memorial Contribution Form

Glenn Myers Celebration of Life Service

Speaking at 50th Anniversary (2016)


Glenn and campers on a sailboat (2010)


Glenn & Emma facilitating Marriage Retreat

January 2022 News & Updates!

Summer camp

This reflection is from our January 2022 Newsletter. To read the full edition, click on the button below.

Jace & a happy camper pose on the first day of summer camp!



By Jace Weber (2021 Summer Counselor)

Being a counselor at Pine Lake was not what I thought it was going to be. I had pictured a summer of easily building relationships with campers and sliding effortlessly into the role of counselor. Looking back, it is not shocking that that is not what my summer looked like.

It was my first summer as a counselor, and the job stressed me out, especially at first. I learned what it was to struggle working well with a partner, struggle with my leadership skills, struggle to prioritize my own relationship with God, and struggle with not seeing the fruit in campers that I wanted to see.

My summer was not easy and I was not a perfect counselor, but that did not stop God from working. The struggles that I went through grew me and stretched me in ways I am incredibly grateful for. I learned more by struggling than I ever would have by experiencing my idea of a perfect summer. Even though the events of the summer looked different than I had expected them to, God pushed me to look closer for how He moves in His own better ways and in His better timing.


Hurricane Ida evacuees find refuge at Pine Lake!

Pine Lake Fellowship Camp (Meridian, MS) hosted evacuees over a three week period following the destruction caused by Hurricane Ida on August 29.  After Ida hit, it was obvious that the storm damage was far greater than anticipated.  Most evacuees had only packed for two nights expecting to go home immediately after Ida passed!  All evacuee homes were without power, some roofs were severely damaged and caused internal damage, but there were many feelings of helplessness and anxiety. So, any previous lodging fee was waived, and we moved around existing reservations so that they could stay for as long as needed.  Over the course of three weeks, 35 people stayed at Pine Lake. Some stays lasted only 4 nights, most 10, and others 21.   A few evacuees had been to camp many times and several were new to camp within the last year as part of a guest group.  Others were neighbors, friends, or in-laws who networked or tagged along to get out of Ida’s destructiveness.  The group was made up of several segments/families from different parts of New Orleans and St. Charles Parish.  There was a community that formed who supported one another through grief of damaged homes and the unknown.

Even in the midst of the chaos and unknown of what was going on back home, Pine Lake was a refuge where there was no immediate concern about food, shelter, or air conditioning.  While overlooking the lake from the Lodge porch, one first time guest said he was so eager to get home while being displaced and caring for his elderly parents & mother in law over the last 6 days. “But now that I’m here, I don’t really want to leave!  That’s the peace and renewal that the Holy Spirit can bring to even the most chaotic of situations.   

So many supporters “Answered the Call” when you contributed gift cards, provided meals, & donated to PLFC utility expenses during those three weeks in September. 


Give a contribution to our “Answer the Call” campaign as we celebrate people answering God’s call to draw closer to him at Pine Lake!


Read more about our “Answer the Call” Campaign!

Answer the Call! | Year End Giving Campaign

Have you ever missed a call (or text) because you were too distracted or in another room?  Urgency, full schedules, and flashing screens can subtly drown out the voice of God.   Pine Lake is a sanctuary of retreat from daily distractions and helps us to hear the voice of God speak into our lives.  That call invites us to draw into a closer and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ & follow Him!  We praise God for the gift of camp which helps us hear more clearly.


Pine Lake is a place to hear God’s voice and answer the call!

For campers like Landon, summer camp has served as a primary part of his Christian journey.  To him, a week at camp has always meant fun games, Christian community with fellow campers & staff, and a deepening of his faith in Christ.  Last spring, while in discussion with his parents about his upcoming baptism, Landon expressed a desire to be baptized at Pine Lake, because it’s been a formative place for his faith journey. He said it is “the place he feels closest to God.” This past summer after his week at camp ended, he was baptized in Pine Lake with family, church members, summer staff, & cabinmates there to support him!  Praise God that Landon heard & answered God’s call on his life!



The Pine Lake community was able to hear and answer God’s calling in many ways in 2021. Here area  few that stood out:

  • Volunteers organized Camp Sale at Pine Lake for the first time and rallied to raise $27,500!
  • 213 campers learned about Jesus Christ at summer camp.  One camper said, “I’m learning that God will shape me in small steps to make me who he wants me to be.”
  • Our inaugural week-long Day Camp saw 58 campers learn about the Armor of God over two programs!
  • 16 summer staff experienced “life-changing” moments as they grew in confidence to “share the gospel, lean on community, and prioritize their walk with Christ”
  • Supporters rallied around 35 displaced Hurricane Ida evacuees and provided food & gift card donations as well as contributions to supplement Pine Lake’s cost of hosting evacuees over three weeks in September.

This ministry thrives because of your prayer & commitment which carry forth this important work!    As we move into 2022, we anticipate the ways God will use Pine Lake’s supporters, staff, & resources to reach campers, guests, & others in ways we cannot comprehend.  I invite you to offer a donation that helps campers & guests “Answer the Call” to grow closer to God.  

Thank you for your continued support!


Matt Graybill
Executive Director