“What is getting in the way of your relationship with God?”

"What is getting in the way of your relationship with God?"

That was the question Emily and her cabin reflected on at the prompting of her counselor and the camp pastor. Emily, a smiley and busy teen has a past that includes family addiction struggles, an absent father, and other difficulties.   She waited for her cabinmates to finish sharing their answers before simply reflecting, "I've been really angry at God for some things that have happened in my life..."  Denial and distraction had helped her cope, but they left her with a deep, unresolved anger about the circumstances beyond her control.   In that moment, she took time to finally pause, pray, and identify what was standing in the way of her relationship with Christ. Praise the Lord that Emily felt secure with her counselor and cabinmates to see a barrier that needed to be moved out of the way!

So many campers made decisions to follow or recommit to walking with Christ this summer!  We had the most summer campers ever! From campers gaining confidence riding on the zip line for the first time to counselors teaching campers how to look up Bible verses, lives are changing at camp.

Summer 2023 Highlights:

  • Many stories like Emily's where God revealed things to campers, staff, and volunteers that helped them grow closer to Him!
  • 94 Decisions for Christ and a record attendance of 374 Campers!
  • $5,265 was awarded to each of 41 campers who requested financial aid.