Remembering a Founding Board Member

It’s with a heavy heart to share about the passing of an Association Member, former board member, and volunteer, Glenn Myers. 

Glenn and his wife Emma have been a part of Pine Lake Fellowship Camp since its inception and are some of many folks responsible for establishing and carrying out the mission of Pine Lake Fellowship Camp. 

Glenn was involved in nearly every level of camp: administration, operations, and participation.  He served as a founding board member in addition to holding leadership positions at summer camp during the early years with his brother, Luke.  Most recently, he and Emma were participants and facilitators in a variety of retreats and events.  It was rare to not find them at Family Camp, Camp Sale, or 55+ Retreat.   Throughout each level of dedicated service, Glenn volunteered his talents and skills as a gifted teacher to share God’s word with campers, mentor leaders, and do happily do jobs like trim trails, rake pine straw, or shovel stones.      

One of many memories I recall is when Glenn and Emma brought their inflatable sailboat to camp so campers could experience the “wind in the sail.”  As Glenn and two campers paddled from the shore, he was teaching the campers about the mechanics of a sailboat.  There was a lot of waiting on the sporadic June breeze, but when the water would begin to ripple and the wind would catch the sail, each camper’s face would widen into a smile.  And Glenn’s would too.


Rev. Myers, 86, passed away Thursday, August 3, 2023, at his daughter’s home in Meridian, MS. He lived most of his life in Neshoba County, where he was a Teacher and a Pastor. He pastored Pearl River and Nanih Waiya Mennonite Churches for over 35 years. He was a member of Jubilee Mennonite Church, and he was also a chairman/board member of Pine Lake Fellowship Camp. His hobbies were gardening, hiking, walking, and singing.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Mary Myers; sister, Ruth Sewell; brothers, Homer and Luke Myers.

Survivors include his wife, Emma Myers; daughters, Milli Floyd (Marvin), Sheila Zehr (Darrell), Beth Myers; sisters, Rhoda Yoder, Karen Moats; brother, Marlin Myers; (9) grandchildren; (9) great- grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.

In lieu of flowers please send a donation to Pine Lake Fellowship Camp, 10371 Pine Lake Road, Meridian, MS 39307, or contribute online.

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Glenn Myers Celebration of Life Service

Speaking at 50th Anniversary (2016)


Glenn and campers on a sailboat (2010)


Glenn & Emma facilitating Marriage Retreat