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Jace & a happy camper pose on the first day of summer camp!



By Jace Weber (2021 Summer Counselor)

Being a counselor at Pine Lake was not what I thought it was going to be. I had pictured a summer of easily building relationships with campers and sliding effortlessly into the role of counselor. Looking back, it is not shocking that that is not what my summer looked like.

It was my first summer as a counselor, and the job stressed me out, especially at first. I learned what it was to struggle working well with a partner, struggle with my leadership skills, struggle to prioritize my own relationship with God, and struggle with not seeing the fruit in campers that I wanted to see.

My summer was not easy and I was not a perfect counselor, but that did not stop God from working. The struggles that I went through grew me and stretched me in ways I am incredibly grateful for. I learned more by struggling than I ever would have by experiencing my idea of a perfect summer. Even though the events of the summer looked different than I had expected them to, God pushed me to look closer for how He moves in His own better ways and in His better timing.