Frequently Asked Questions - Summer Camp

What is the cost of camp?

The camp price depends on which week your child attends and when your registration is postmarked by. (Early bird discount ends May 1st.)

Registration Prices 

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, we offer partial scholarships for families who are in current financial need. Mail your registration form and $60 deposit along with a scholarship application. You will be notified by the office when your application has been approved. Check with your church congregation to see if they are able to assist. If your church is able, they may also pay a portion of the registration fee to give your child the summer camp experience.

Family Discount: The first two campers from the same family pay the full registration fee. The third+ family member(s) pays $80. No forms to fill out, just contact PLFC to request this discount.

Early Bird Discount: Register by May 1st, combines with scholarship/family discounts.




What activities are available for campers?

In addition to daily Bible studies, and campfires, PLFC has a wide array of summer camp activities including basketball, volleyball, swimming, paddle-boating, kayaking, canoeing, nature trails, zip line, rope swing, ropes course, nature sessions, disc golf, carpetball, fooseball, four square, ball field games, crafts, creek hike, and much more!

What does a typical day at Day Camp look like?

After arrival, campers worship and learn at Bible Study before dividing into groups for outdoor activities like canoeing, hiking, teambuilding and more. A packed lunch from home and a short horizontal preceed an afternoon of swimming, crafts, nature sessions, and more! Each day closes with a wrap-up session before parents pick up their children.

What does a typical day at Overnight Camp look like?

The daily schedule is built around three meals and a snack. After breakfast, campers will participate in morning Bible Study followed by a popsicle break and a different activity session each morning. Afternoons rotate around swimming and more activities like crafts, sports, hiking, zip line, and more. After supper, campers gather for field games on the rec field, followed by snack and the evening campfire service on the island.

When can my family and I tour camp?

We hold an Open House of Summer Camp each Spring for parents and campers to see and experience what summer camp is like at PLFC. Open House will be held on April 15, 2023. You can tour the facilities and ask questions to the staff!

If you are unable to attend Open House,just call the office and set up a personal tour!


Are you affiliated with a church denomination?

Pine Lake is owned and operated by an association of Christian men and women. A majority of the Association is of an Anabaptist/Mennonite background. PLFC’s mission is “to provide an environment that draws people of all ages and diverse backgrounds into reconciliation with God, creation, and each other.” Our summer camp program is Christ-centered, and we hope each camper will be challenged to grow in his or her relationship with God and others.

Who are the summer staff?

Many staff are already connected to Pine Lake through their summer camp experience or friends or family. Each staff member professes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and demonstrates their faith through their words and actions.

Assistant Program Directors have summer camp leadership experience and also have demonstrated exceptional competency in both leading young people and implementing the vision of camp.

Program staff are 18+ years of age and have previous camp experience as a counselor at PLFC or another camp. They serve as a leadership team for counselors and L.I.T. In addition, they are responsible for programming and leading many weekly activities.

Counselors are 18+ years of age or high school graduates.

Leaders-in-Training are 16-17 year olds who live in the cabin and serve under direct sight of counselors. They are training to become future leaders in their respective churches and on PLFC staff.


How do you screen and train your summer staff?

We know our young leaders impact campers in huge ways (both positive and negative). Keeping our campers' safety in mind, we carefully screen each applicant via background checks, National Sex Offender Registry, courthouse checks, applicant interviews, and three reference interviews. We carefully and prayerfully select young men and women to serve on staff who will live and serve with a Christian attitude and spirit. Each staff member is required to attend a training period before camp. The training covers many topics including health and safety issues, age group characteristics, procedures, policies, and leading cabin devotions.

What is your camper to staff ratio?

Overnight Camp: Each cabin will have up to 7 or 10 campers with 2 staff people. (One male and one female cabin have a capacity of up to 10 campers).

Day Camp: Each group will have up to 10 campers with 2 staff people.

How do you handle cabin assignments?

Camp is a perfect opportunity to branch out, meet new people, and enjoy existing relationships. Each registration form gives you the ability to request only one cabin mate. During our cabin assignment process, we will honor at least one request. We assign campers to cabins in the following way:
–Honor at least one cabin mate request for each camper.
–Limit arranged cabin mates to two or three.
–Look for age compatibility within cabin (important for cabin dynamics). We have found that siblings often enjoy a more positive experience when residing in different cabins, in part because of age difference, but also to introduce space into "sibling disagreements." If you would like your children to be together, please be sure to mark so on the registration form.

Larger groups are welcome; however, campers are still treated as individuals and all may not be assigned to the same cabin.

Lost and Found?

If you realize your child has left something at camp, please contact the office and provide a description of the item(s). PREVENTION: Please write your camper’s name on items for quick and easy identification of the proper owner. If items are found, we will set it aside to be returned to you. All return expenses are the responsibility of the camper’s family. Items which are not claimed in a timely manner (several months) will become the property of PLFC and be distributed to a local organization or used for camp use.

Do you accomodate for food allergies?

Yes, please inform us of this on the health portion of the registration form. It is imperative to know this as soon as possible. Our cooks can create a menu to accommodate most allergies and intolerance. In some cases, when our kitchen staff is unable to, parents will be required parent to send alternative food options.

How do you handle homesickness?

The same separation from a camper's home that leads to a greater sense of independence can also lead to homesickness. Homesickness is more common among younger campers, but anyone can feel the effects. We take each case of homesickness seriously noting each child’s symptoms and responses are both valid and subjective. Often, homesickness comes up during bedtime, meal times, and less structured times in the schedule. Counselors encourage campers who are homesick  to participate in each activity, and try to redirect their mindset by telling stories or playing games. They also acknowledge it is okay to miss family and the comforts of home; it's normal. Often, campers who are leaders take time to include the homesick camper. In persistent cases, the Director will call the parent/guardian to discuss support options and goals for the week. We want each camper to have a great experience while at camp!

Can I contact my child at camp?

We encourage you to contact your child by either of the following ways:

  1. Write a letter. What a great surprise for your child to receive mail from a parent or relative. It can boost his or her day. If your child has had trouble with homesickness, it may be good to contact the Director to see how he/she responds to your letter. It could have a negative effect. Your child may also write a letter to you during camp. Provide them with your address, and it will be mailed it to you during the week! (PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH POSTAGE OR THE ABILITY TO BUY A STAMP IN OUR CAMP STORE).
  2. Email. PLFC has partnered with for sending emails to campers. Upon registration, you will have access to your own ultracamp account.  There you can view and purchase uploaded photos from the week and send emails with your camper. There is a charge for this service. Parent emails will be compiled by PLFC staff and handed out to campers at lunchtime.
Can I text, call, or visit my child at camp?

Good communication between campers and parents is important; however, we DO NOT allow direct contact through phone, texts, or visits during your child’s stay at camp. The reasons for this policy include: diminished camp experience, camper security, homesickness, custody disputes, and misunderstandings

Just call the office and our staff will gladly update you on your camper's week. You can also view photos of your camper's experience posted regularly throughout the week.

Electronic devices, especially smart phones are prohibited. These valuable items may be lost or damaged in the midst of all the fun, and they often create social barriers that take away from the community focus.

Call the office (601) 483-2267 to speak with the Program Director about special cases such as mental health plans and certain anxieties.

My child has medications? How do you handle that?

All medications must be sent in the original container with the original label. PLFC stocks many over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Benedryl, Ibuprofen, Hydro-cortisone, etc. A camp nurse is on campus at all times. They dispense all medications (over-the-couter and prescriptions). There is no need to pack these with your child’s prescriptions.


This health form is part of the registration process. It will inform us of your child’s health and well-being during their time at PLFC. Along with emergency contact and health-related information, it gives your permission to participate, and permission to medically treat your child by a doctor/physician if you are not reachable in an emergency. A Medication Sheet listing all prescription medications he/she takes must be brought on the day of registration. Prescription medications must be brought in the original prescription bottles with the camper's name listed on the bottle.

Illnesses and injuries. How do you handle that?

It is common for the nurse to treat campers for a wide range of manageable injuries/illnesses from headaches to bumps and bruises. If a child has an injury that is severe or worsens during the week, the nurse will call and inform you of the situation. The nurse will also call if your child needs extra medical care like a trip to the medical clinic or emergency room.