“Where is the Church?”

There are times in everyone’s life where all that is left is to seek the Lord.  Last month, we witnessed just that sort of thing happening in the life of a young woman.  While many were busy preparing for PLFC’s annual Camp Sale, my husband Scott and I stayed at camp to host a men’s group from a church in Louisiana.  It would soon turn into a weekend we will never forget.

IMG_7488As we were being filled in by a phone call from Matt about the day’s Camp Sale events, our daughter said there was a lady standing outside.  Upon being approached, her first words were, “Where is the Church?”  She went on to explain that she had heard the noise from camp from her house in a nearby neighborhood, and even though the singing was in Spanish, she recognized it as praise.  She was in a bad place in her life and had stepped outside to call upon the name of the Lord.  She then heard the praise band in the distance through the woods, so she began walking and listening for the direction the praising was coming from.

Her anxiousness to get to the place where this worshiping was taking place was beyond what a normal individual would be willing to do.  She even stated that we could just “call the law” if we would not allow her to get to where the “church” was because she was going there regardless. Even though it is not common practice to disturb a rental group, we sensed the Holy Spirit was moving and chose to take her to the men’s group.

We approached the group and located an individual who spoke English. We explained the situation and asked if they would be willing to allow her to join them in worship.  They welcomed not only her, but our family as well, for supper and worship. And worship they did!  The time with them was exactly what this young woman needed ….to see the Lord worshiped with no hindrance or shame of what another might think. Her words as we carried her back to her house that evening was, “This has been the best night of my life.”   The Lord uses all situations to minister to all who are willing to walk that extra mile to seek His face.

Picture1Melissa McClure is the Office Administrator at PLFC. If you call the office, you’ll likely talk to her. She has been married to her husband Scott for 24 years. They live in Enterprise, MS with their two children, Corey and Zoie.