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Young Adult Retreat

Ready for a weekend of rest and fun?

Step away from your obligations for a few days! Young Adult Retreat is a time for all young adults (graduating high school seniors to 30 year olds) to find renewal of spirit and fellowship with other young adults in the presence of God’s creation.

Expect good food, a relaxed schedule with lots of free time, and other young adults looking to hang out and have fun. Lawn games, hiking trails, boats, and board games, are always on hand, but if you feel like sitting in a rocking chair and enjoying the beautiful setting, we’ve got that too.



$50.00/person + lodging:

Lodging Options

  • Commute from Home: $0
  • Onsite Lodging (shared rooms): $30
  • Onsite Lodging (private room): $80

What’s Included?

  • Meals, activities, spiritual input

Sample Young Adult Retreat Schedule

  • 7p-8p Arrival/Registration
  • 8:00 Welcome!
  • 9:00 Homemade Ice Cream
  • Free Time- Board Games and beyond!
  • Sleep!
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:30 Session #1
  • 11:15 Field Games or other fun
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 1:30 Horizontal (Nap Time!)
  • 3:30 Optional Activities
  • 6:30 Supper
  • 8:00 Session #2 Campfire!
  • 9:00 Night Ultimate
  • Time for Sleep or Board Games
  • 9:00 Sunday Service/Wrap Up Session
  • 10:00 Brunch
  • 11:15 Clean up and Good byes


Schedule subject to change

Summer Camp Open House

S'mores at Open House


Get a taste of why campers and parents love Pine Lake. At Open House, families explore camp, meet the staff, and enjoy classic camp fun!  This is a great way to preview the culture of Pine Lake and learn more about what makes camp the best week of the summer.  The Pine Lake community is always growing; we can’t wait to meet you!



Meet the Staff!

Have Fun!

See the summer camp cabins. Get to know summer counselors. Boat with a friend, a staff, or on your own.
Peek in the Pavilion, the cafeteria. Talk one-on-one with the directors. Play field games led by staff.
Scope out the Shelter, or chapel. Visit with veteran volunteers. Roast a hotdog over the campfire.
Walk the trails. Hear firsthand stories from former campers. Learn to play gaga ball.
Enjoy the beautiful lakefront. Connect with camper parents. Hangout at the playground.


Join in the fun!  Community is what makes camp so special, and we are glad you are part of our family. Truly, we love when campers say, “We couldn’t wait til the summer! We had to come to Open House!” Open House is meant to be a fun, free day for everyone, including new families, old friends, volunteers, and staff!  Also, every camper registered at Open House receives a free t-shirt! Don’t miss out on this!



That’s right, every camper registered at Open House can choose a t-shirt from our current stock OR get the 2021 t-shirt at their week of camp! **Deposit and completed registration form are required to qualify.



Friends in a canoe at Open House (2019)

Friends in a canoe at Open House (2019)



Where do I RSVP for Open House?

This event is spacious and well-staffed, so no need to RSVP! Just come! (If you want though, you can RSVP, and share the event on Facebook!)

How much time will this take?

As little as 15 minutes to as long as 3 hours, depending on what you want to do! A full tour is about 30 minutes, not including boating or roasting a snack over the fire.


Use the address below, and once you hit Pine Lake Road, follow the signs!

Can I register for summer camp while I’m there?

Yes, but only if you want a free t-shirt!

I’m booked this Saturday.  Can I tour another time?

Definitely! Call or email the office to schedule a tour with us! Our staff are knowledgeable about what to expect this summer, and we love sharing camp with others! (It’s why we work here.)



Summer Camp Page


Questions? Call the Camp Office: (601) 483-2267 or email us at



Butch and Charlene Clay, leaders for Marriage Retreat

Celebrate and Strengthen!

Your marriage is important, wonderful, and precious. Your spouse is all of these things to you and more! By getting away for a weekend together, you can celebrate what you have, renew your dedication to one another, and maybe even pick up a few new communication tools! Even the strongest marriages benefit from a change of pace and place. Pine Lake’s retreat provides a beautiful, comfortable environment to do just that.

Expect good food, a schedule balanced with content and free time, and other Christian couples to connect with. Whether you want to hike and explore, fish at the lake, play board games with others, or cozy up by the fire together, your weekend away awaits you!

Marriage Retreat is not for marriages in crisis. If you and/or your spouse feel your marriage is in jeopardy, this retreat may not be for you. Consider seeking out a licensed marriage counselor or intensive marriage counseling retreat.


Weekend Facilitators

Butch and Charlene Clay

Butch and Charlene Clay hail from Luling, Louisiana. They love to laugh together over stories from their many years of marriage, and they look forward to sharing with and learning from other couples during this fun (no kidding, they’re a hoot) weekend! 


$95.00/couple + lodging:

Lodging Options

  • Commute from Home: $0
  • RV Site: $30
  • Onsite Lodging (private room): $80

What’s Included?

  • Meals, activities, speaker input, curriculum materials (A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas)

Sample Marriage Retreat Schedule


  • 7:00  – Registration
  • 7:30  – Introductions
  • Session 1


  • 8:00 – Breakfast
  • 8:45  – Session 2
  • 12:00 – Lunch
  • 2:30  – Session 3
  • 5:30  – Date Night—on your own


  • 8:15  – Coffee & Donuts
  • Session 4
  • 10:00 – Brunch
  • Departure

Schedule subject to change

How Deep the Father’s Love

Dads & Kids Weekend brought families closer together at Pine Lake.

As an exhausted group of dads and their somewhat tired children huddled in the cozy glow of the Shelter to escape the rain after a day of activity & time together, Derek Yoder shared from 1 Corinthians 13 and a message from his heart. He tried to explain the overwhelming new, protective love he felt the first moment he saw his daughter, the pain he experienced when seeing her injured, and the joy in spending time with her and watching her grow. This is nothing, he reminded the group, compared to God’s love for each of us.  Then, the Shelter filled with 28 voices singing a beautifully improvised rendition of “How Deep the Father’s Love,” led by Ruskin, with children worshipping alongside their fathers, in the midst of their Father.

Nine families gathered for Dads & Kids Weekend in October and made the weekend a fun, memorable bonding experience! The adventurous group braved a night hike, canoed in the fall morning mist, and dueled at the ping pong table. During a break in the rain, a clatter of hammers, wire nails, pine boards, and little voices echoed from the Shelter Campsites as the group assembled birdhouses to take home, a memento from a  weekend spent building something much bigger.​

Be Bold

Sarah is a camper who came to camp this summer with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  For over a year, she wanted to take the step of baptism, she felt to embarrassed too bring it up with the adults in her life.   Embarrassment and fear are two emotions that can hinder growth.

At camp, the counselors create a safe place and welcome campers to share about their faith or things they struggle with.  Campers also can encourage and challenge cabin mates to take the next step in their walk with Christ.

Sarah felt comfortable enough to approach her counselor and share her hesitation and embarrassment to be baptized.  Sarah received the encouragement needed to take the next step of baptism into her congregation.  In the weeks after camp, her parents informed Pine Lake that she has asked about being baptized.

The song that we sing quite often at campfire is, Be Bold, Be Strong.  It seems to fit quite well with Sarah’s week.


“Be bold, be strong 
For the Lord thy God is with us
Be bold, be strong
For the Lord thy God is with us
I am not be afraid; I am not be dismayed
‘Cause I’m walkin’ in faith and victory
‘Cause I’m walkin’ in faith and victory
For the Lord thy God is with us”

Praise the Lord for giving Sarah boldness to declare her call to be baptized and draw closer to Jesus!

This article was part of the August 2018 PLFC newsletter. Want to see what else was in that issue?  CLICK HERE!