In the Leader-In-Training program, tomorrow's leaders find hands-on experience in leadership roles with intentional support and guidance from seasoned professionals.  L.I.T.'s explore their gifts and potential while serving in this purpose-filled Christian community.  Below you will read the expectations and responsibilities of an L.I.T. Applications should be submitted by March 1, 2022.

Application Guide

Online Application Instructions
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Job Description

  1. Be 16-17 years of age.
  2. Participate in orientation and as many weeks of summer camp as is deemed appropriate by Program Director.
  3. Live with a cabin group, assist that counselor, engage with campers during activities/staff meeting, help in kitchen, lead one cabin devotion each week, and supervise/lead snack time activities as directed.
  4. Engage with campers in all activities during the day (swimming, recreation, meal times, crafts, etc.)
  5. Lead activities as assigned.
  6. Participate in weekly leadership training sessions. Each training session has a guided practice component with follow-up during each week.
  7. Attend daily staff meetings.
  8. Work as a team during meal clean-up.
  9. Assist with clean-up at the end of each week.
  10. Have a healthy respect for those in authority.
  11. Responsible first to Counselor, Program Staff and Summer Director, then Executive Director.

*The LIT program is a volunteer position.