“It was very fun and energizing. It helped gain confidence and made me feel better about my relationships with my peers.”

“This course showed a variety of teamwork and leadership. After today, you can see what you really can do, and have confidence in yourself. This was a great experience. I loved learning on how to do things with a team. Setting goals for yourself is great, and especially when you achieve them.”

PLFC’s low ropes (challenge) course consists of 15 elements designed for outdoor personal development and team building.  The low ropes courses consist of a series of real and imaginary obstacles/elements designed to challenge groups and individuals to work together to accomplish a task.


  1. To increase each participants confidence in his/her abilities
    • Each participant will have the opportunity to learn more about oneself through success (and/or failure) in a supportive group.
  2. To learn to work positively as a team to accomplish a goal
    • The group is facilitated under the assumption that all who make and attempt to participate will be respected.  Success and failure are less important than making an effort.  The facilitator’s goal is to promote team unity throughout a groups participation through discussion.  A positive and supporting environment will go a long way in achieving goals.
  3. To apply lessons learned to each person’s life and faith
    • If your group is not a Christian group, the discussions will be applied accordingly.
  4. To develop communication skills through group interaction, problem solving, and leadership, trust, goal setting, decision making, and cooperation.


The facilitator will begin the session by playing one or two group initiatives as a warm-up and preparation for the rest of the course.  Next, the facilitator will move onto activities that will be sequenced to the groups needs/abilities.  Discussion and debriefing time will take place after element in order to analyze the process of working towards their task or goal.  
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