Formative Moments at Summer Camp

At Pine Lake Fellowship Camp, campers experience an authentic program filled with games, activities, moments, and conversations that point towards JESUS.  

  • The JOY in shared worship as the entire camp sings Jesus Loves Me (Camp style) around the campfire.
  • The sound of a cabin group’s LAUGHTER as they walk across a sunny ball-field
  • The FLAVOR of fresh mint leaves handpicked picked from the herb garden.
  • The initial shriek of fear turned to ENTHUSIASM as a camper scoots off the zip line platform for the first time and realizes that he/she can do things that seem scary.
  • The WONDER in a camper’s face as she peers into jars of preserved snakes and lizards native to her own backyard.  
  • The overwhelming sensation of the HOLY SPIRIT calling a camper draw nearer to Jesus
  • The moment when a camper recognizes that he/she truly BELONGS to a community and are part of God’s plan

This article was part of the August 2018 PLFC newsletter. Want to see what else was in that issue?  CLICK HERE!