PLFC is open year round to any group in agreement with our mission statement. Our focus is Christian organizations like church groups, ministries, and family groups of 20 or more.  Smaller groups are welcome to call about availability.

PLFC Mission Statement:
“To provide and environment that draws people of all ages and of diverse backgrounds into renewal of Spirit, body, soul and into reconciliation with God, creation, and each other.”

Pine Lake Fellowship Camp Rental Procedure:

Pine Lake Fellowship Camp hosts over 2,500 guests in a year.  Our goal is to keep the process as easy and pain free as possible for you.

When you first contact Pine Lake Fellowship Camp, we will look at the calendar and the nature of your retreat to determine which available dates and facilities will work best for your event.  When you choose a date, we will reserve it on the calendar and send you a rental agreement along with our clean-up guidelines.  You will have fifteen days to send back the signed rental agreement along with your rental deposit.


PLFC is a beautiful place to have a retreat or a simple weekend getaway.  It can be difficult to describe how our facilities and grounds can work for you.  It is also very difficult for us to do them justice verbally.

We are happy to give you a tour of our facilities at any time.  We are constantly doing our best to provide great service and facilities.  We invite you to come visit us, so we can show you what we have to offer.  Please give us a call and schedule a tour.

Check-In Times

For day use only – check in time: 8:00 am/check out time 8:00pm
For overnight – check in time: 3:00pm/check out time 11:00am

(Please call 601-483-CAMP if other arrangements need to be made.)

Shared & Included Activities

  • Hiking trails
  • Tree house
  • Swamp Trail
  • Playground
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball court
  • Swimming – no lifeguard on duty
  • Disc golf
  • Fishing
  • Ballfield
  • Nine square in the air
  • Island/Campfire

Reserved Activities

*PLFC staff required

BOATING – $25 for entire rental period ~ includes paddleboats, kayaks, canoes, and life jackets

A lifeguard or adult, 21 or older, must be present and supervising all boating activities. Everyone must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejacket, properly fastened.  See additional rules posted at dock.

*ZIP LINE – Hidden among the hills in a remote corner of camp, this Pine Lake favorite offers a fast, breezy ride through the tree tops.  Best for ages 10+ – Minimum group of 10 or more for up to 2 hours = $7/per person

*ROPE SWING – A classic rope swing with a woodsy view over a small stream.  Best for ages 5-10 – $10/half hour for any number of people

*ROPES COURSE – Best for ages 8+ – Minimum group of 10 or more for up to 2 hours = $6/per person

PLFC’s low ropes (challenge) course consists of 15 elements designed for outdoor personal development and team building.  The low ropes        courses consist of a series of real and imaginary obstacles/elements designed to challenge groups and individuals to work together to accomplish a  task.


  1. To increase each participants confidence in his/her abilities
    • Each participant will have the opportunity to learn more about oneself through success (and/or failure) in a supportive group.
  1. To learn to work positively as a team to accomplish a goal
    • The group is facilitated under the assumption that all who make and attempt to participate will be respected. Success and failure are less important than making an effort.  The facilitator’s goal is to promote team unity throughout a group’s participation through discussion.  A positive and supporting environment will go a long way in achieving goals.
  1. To apply lessons learned to each person’s life and faith
    • If your group is not a Christian group, the discussions will be applied accordingly.
  1. To develop communication skills through group interaction, problem solving, and leadership, trust, goal setting, decision making, and cooperation.

SESSION:  The facilitator will begin the session by playing one or two group initiatives as a warm-up and preparation for the rest of the course.    Next, the facilitator will move onto activities that will be sequenced to the group’s needs/abilities.  Discussion and debriefing time will take place  after element in order to analyze the process of working towards their task or goal.


Click here for PLFC regulations.