What do the fruits of the spirit, chess, and a little red wagon have in common?

For 8 weeks this summer, Pine Lake buzzed with the activity of children and youth laughing, racing around the lake, shouting bible verses across the swimming area, and learning more about God’s love for them. Each summer, I am encouraged by new stories of how God uses the experience of camp to impact His children in different ways.​

My favorite example from this summer is from a grandparent who wrote to us about the impact of camp on her grandchildren. Her granddaughter told her all about the fruits of the Spirit, and her grandson now loves to play chess, and plans to be a Leader-in-Training. Much to her chagrin, they still insist on singing “Little Red Wagon” every car trip.
Thank you to all who volunteered, prayed, donated, or supported camp this summer in another way. For that family, and for many others, God continues to use Pine Lake to touch lives!

by Suzanne Opel